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November 3rd – 10th
4 sets of Nyung-Nays
(Empowerment – November 2nd | Chenrezig Tsog – November 11th)

During this retreat, by taking the eight precepts (avoiding killing, stealing, sex, lying, intoxication, using high seats or beds, eating after noon, wearing perfume or jewelry), the causes for experiencing happiness in this and future lives, and for ultimately attaining enlightenment, are created. And by reciting the mantra of Chenrezig and offering prostrations, every conceivable kind of negative action can be purified, and all favorable conditions for spiritual growth are reinforced.

If you have not received the Kusum Gongdu Avalokiteshvara (Tib. Chenrezig) empowerment, please make a note of that on your online registration form. 

In the late afternoon on Thursday, November 2nd, Lama Padma will bestow empowerment, followed by a teaching and explanation of the practice. The first set begins Friday, November 3rd. Practice begins before dawn, so plan on arriving the night before the first set you will be attending. Fasting ends at dawn on Saturday, November 11th, followed by Chenrezig tsog. The retreat concludes late morning.

Thur, November 2nd  – Empowerment 

Fri, November 3rd – Sat, November 4th1st set

Sun, November 5th – Mon, November 6th – 2nd set

Tue, November 7th – Wed, November 8th – 3rd set

Thu, November 9th – Fri, November 10th – 4th set

Sat, November 11th – Chenrezig Tsog


AccommodationCGF Member PricesNon-Member Prices
Outdoor Camping$66.30$78.00
Indoor Camping$84.15$99.00
Dormitory $102.00$120.00

Please note prices listed are per Nyung-Nay set

If you are attending empowerment on November 2nd, there is a $25 fee
Please register for empowerment in addition to the above Nyung-Nay registration if attending

For details about accommodations and staying at Rigdzin Ling, click here.

For all other questions, please call the events office: 530.623.2714 ext 126 or
email: events@chagdudgonpa.org