Red Vajrasattva Drubchod
Seven-day Red Vajrasattva Sadhana Retreat (Drubchod)
September 17th – 23rd

Vajrasattva meditation is a means for purifying subtle mental and emotional habits that obscure our free, compassionate and open nature. Utilizing the skillful methods of the Vajrayana tradition, it is swift and powerful.

There will be prayers and mantra recitations, relevant Dharma teachings, sacred music and ritual dance, extensive offerings of flowers, incense and so forth, and feast offerings (tsok) each afternoon. The retreat culminates with a ceremony to benefit the deceased and a fire offering ritual, and concludes with accepting the spiritual accomplishments of the practice and reciting auspicious prayers and aspirations.

Red Vajrasattva has been a regular practice at Rigdzin  Ling since 1993, as either a yearly drubchen or drubchod, as well as part of our daily liturgy. This year the format will be a drubchod, with open boundaries and morning and afternoon sessions. This will enable you to attend as many days as you are able.

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If you are unable to attend the event but would like to participate,
we encourage you to offer butterlamps and tsog

Dedications will be read during the event.

For all question, please contact the events office at or 530.623.2714