2017 Red Vajrasattva Drubchen
Red Vajrasattva Drubchen
September 16th – 24th

Participating in a drubchen with an altruistic motivation reduces mental afflictions, restores broken spiritual commitments, and allows positive qualities and circumstances to arise unhindered. 

This Red Vajrasattva practice comes from the cycle known as "The Union of Enlightened Intent of the Three Kayas" revealed by the terton Padgyal Lingpa. It has been practiced regularly at Rigdzin Ling since 1993.


September 16 – 24, 2017
Empowerment: Saturday morning, September 16 – Time TBD

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If you are unable to attend the event but would like to participate, 
we encourage you to offer butterlamps and tsog

Dedications will be read during the event.

For all question, please contact the events office at
sangha@chagdudgonpa.org or 530.623.2714