January 5 – 7, 2018
Red Vajrasattva Three-Day Retreat

This Vajrasattva practice is a method to purify our subtle mental and emotional habits that obscure our free, compassionate and open nature. Utilizing the skillful means of the Vajrayana tradition, it is swift and powerful.

There will be prayers and mantra recitations, relevant Dharma teachings, extensive offerings of flowers, incense, and so forth, and feast offerings (tsok) each afternoon. The retreat culminates by accepting the spiritual accomplishments (siddhis), and concludes with a fire offering ritual and auspicious prayers and aspirations.

Red Vajrasattva group retreats have been an annual event at Rigdzin Ling since 1993 and the meditation practice is included in our daily liturgy. The prerequisite empowerment will be conferred by Lama Padma Gyatso on the first day.


Room TypePrice
Indoor Camping$228.00
Double $322.50
Single $417.00
Commuter - Member$140.25
Indoor Camping - Member$193.80
Dormitory - Member$220.58
Double - Member$274.13
Single - Member$354.45


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