Hours open to visitors: 9:00am-5:00pm
Open for daily meditation: Monday-Friday: 6:30am & 5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 7:30am                                    
(Click here to see our puja sequence).  These times are subject to change – Please call the Events office at 530.623.2714 ext. 126 for an up-to-date schedule.

Tibetan Treasures store hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-12:00am & 2:30-4:30pm 
We encourage you to call before your visit, as the store may be closed for retreats, inventory or staff vacation: 1.877.479.6129. www.tibetantreasures.com

Tara house only

Phone: 530.623.2714
Email: sangha@chagdudgonpa.org
341 Red Hill Road (physical)
101 Red Hill Road (for google maps)
Junction City, CA 96048


Please register prior to your arrival by calling 530.623.2714 ext. 126

or emailing sangha@chagdudgonpa.org

We are not able to accommodate walk-ins.


  Price – meals not included
Outdoor Camping (seasonal – please see below) $10
Indoor Camping (Co-ed) $20
Dormitory $30
Double Room (per person) $50
Single Room $80


Please be aware that we are now required to apply a Trinity County Transient Tax of 5% to our lodging prices.


Camping (outdoor)
Available May-October. We offer over 40 campsites and a beautiful bathhouse which includes toilets, sinks, indoor and outdoor showers. Our campsites are sized to fit anything from a small tent to a small camper. During your stay we ask you to be mindful of creatures: poisonous spiders, rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions, etc. Please bring your own sleeping mat, bedding and towels.

Camping (indoor)
Available all year round. We offer floor space for retreatants to sleep. Please bring your own sleeping mat, bedding and towels. IMPORTANT: Indoor camping is co-ed. 

Shared Dormitory
In our separate all-women and all-men dorms, we offer rooms with 4-8 beds. Towels and bedding are included. 

Double Rooms
Our comfortable double rooms are available to two people who would like to share a room.  Each room has a queen-sized bed. They are located in Lotus House, an energy efficient straw bale house that features our most luxurious accommodations. 6 rooms share 2-3 bathrooms. Towels and bedding are included.

Single Rooms
Our single rooms are located in our most luxurious accommodations: Lotus House,
an energy efficient straw bale house. 6 single rooms share 2-3 bathrooms. Towels and bedding are included.

Retreat Cabins
Rigdzin Ling has over 8 rustic retreat cabins available for rental on a monthly basis. Price ranges from $800-$1200/month. Please call for more details.

PLEASE NOTE NEW ACCOMMODATION RATES: ALL ACCOMMODATION PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE MEALS. If you would like breakfast or lunch, you may purchase separately at registration. We are not offering dinner at this time.

We will do our best to acknowledge food allergies but we are not able to accommodate all restrictions.



If you must cancel prior to your scheduled retreat, you can transfer money paid to another attending retreatant or receive credit for up to a year from the deposit date for another event, at no extra cost.




14 days or more before retreat

A full refund is offered, minus a 5% processing fee of the total payment. 


7-13 days before retreat

A 50% refund is offered based on the total payment. 


6 days or less before retreat

No refund provided. 


Please let us know if you must cancel due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.


During your stay, we provide the following amenities:

–    Access to limited wireless internet. No live streaming or using BitTorrent. We do not provide access to a computer.
–    Laundry facility ($1.50/wash & $1.50/dry).
–    Filtered water for drinking


Rigdzin Ling is proud to offer delicious and nutritious food to our guests and retreatants. Our produce is almost entirely organic and we strive to purchase meat that is organic or grass fed. We serve food to accommodate vegetarians and omnivores. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

Please note that we cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions. You are welcome to bring and prepare your own meals if we are not able to assist you with your food preferences.

Coming for Retreat

Registration upon Arrival

We kindly ask that you arrive before 9PM. When you arrive, follow signs to Tara House. The registration office is located through the front entryway. When you arrive, you will be asked to do the following:

–    Pay in full for your stay. We accept, cash, checks made out to CGF, and all credit cards.
–    Carefully read our
Rules and Regulations
–    Sign liability waiver
–    Receive job assignment 

What to Bring

–    Flashlight
–    Summer months (June-September) are our hottest months. Bring lightweight clothing and layers, as if often gets cool at night.
–    Fall and Spring (October-November, April-May) are rainy and can range greatly in temperature. Bring many layers, and be prepared for all types of weather. Raingear is suggested.
–    Winter (December-March) is very cold and can be snowy. Bring many layers and very warm clothing. 
–    Bug spray & sunscreen(summer only)
–    Poison oak protection
–    Umbrella 
–    Dharma clothing: chuba and zen are suggested to wear while in the shrine room. They may be purchased at Tibetan Treasures
–    Personal items: soap, shampoo, bedding and towel if camping
–    Meditation cushion. During large events we may not have enough cushions for everyone. 
–    Alarm clock
–    Personal water bottle
–    Dana or offering to the Lama (for those attending a Buddhist event)
–    Texts and ritual instruments for those already engaged in the Vajrayana Buddhist path. Available at Tibetan Treasures. Here is our Daily Puja Sequence.
–    Khatak (prayer scarf) if attending a retreat.  Available at Tibetan Treasures.
–    Earplugs if you are a sensitive sleeper
–    Shoes that slide on and off easily as shoes are not allowed in the shrine room or in any of our housing facilities. 


–    Pets (please contact us ahead of time if you have a service animal)
–    Firearms or other weapons
–    Fires (including campfire stoves)
–    Illegal drugs/alcohol
–    Candles, incense, matches
–    Swimming on the property


Getting Here

341 Red Hill Road (physical)
101 Red Hill Road (for google maps)
Junction City, CA 96048

Rigdzin Ling is located 4 and a half hours north of San Francisco by car, and eight hours south of Portland, Oregon. Located 1 hour west of Redding, CA and 2 hours east of Arcata, CA directly off of route 299.

Traveling by car

1A: From San Francisco: 

–    Take I-80 East out of the city (approx. 45 miles)
–    Take exit for I-505 North towards Redding (34 miles)
–    Merge onto I-5 North (125 miles) until you arrive in Redding, CA. Follow instructions from Redding below.

1B: From Oregon/Washington:

–    During summer months, it is beautiful to take CA-3 through the mountains. Be warned, however, that this road can be dangerous at night, and is often closed in the winter due to treacherous driving conditions. The alternate route is to take I-5 all the way to Redding. Then follow instructions from Redding below. 
–    For CA-3: Off of I-5 after Ashland (32 miles), take the exit towards Yreka, CA-3. Follow signs for CA-3 South for approximately two hours, until you reach Weaverville. Take a right onto CA-299. You are now heading west. Now follow instructions from Weaverville below.

2: From Redding:

–    Take exit to CA-44 West towards Eureka
–    Take right onto Pine Street (following signs towards CA-299 West).
–    Continue onto CA-299 West until you reach Weaverville. Follow instructions from Weaverville below.

3: From Weaverville:

–    Head West on CA-299 through town. IMPORTANT: Do not speed. Police heavily patrol 299 through Weaverville and into Junction City.
–    After you have gone through the mountain pass, you will hit a valley. On the left you will see a stone quarry. Then you will pass Sky Ranch Road. Slow down. You will take the following left onto Dutch Creek Road (be careful, the road comes quickly). If you see a convenient store/gas station on your left or a storage center on your right, you have gone to far. 
–    You will go over a short bridge- after this, take your first right.
–    We are the second driveway on the left. 


4: From Arcata

–    Head East on CA-299 towards Willow Creek and Weaverville.
–    Junction City is about 85 miles from Arcata, past Willow Creek and Big Bar.
–    After Junction City store and post office, slow down to take a right onto Dutch Creek Road.
–    Go over a bridge and take the next right onto Red Hill Road.
–    We are the second driveway on the left.  You will see a sign and prayer flags.



Here is a map of Rigdzin Ling.

Traveling by bus

Arriving in Redding

Greyhound Bus offers service between Redding, CA and most major cities. Redding is located just 1 hour east of Rigdzin Ling. Upon arriving in Redding, you will need to find transportation to Weaverville. 

Arriving in Weaverville

Trinity Transit operates a bus service between Redding and Weaverville. 

Traveling by plane

Redding is served by United Express (associated with United Airlines) and is located only 1 hour and 15 minutes from our center. 

Sacramento is served by many airlines and is located approximately 3 and a half hours from our center.

San Francisco is served by many airlines and is located approximately 4 and a half hours from our center.

Traveling by train

Amtrak provides service between Redding and most other major cities, although arrivals and departures usually take place in the middle of the night. There is also an Amtrak bus from some locations (eg. Sacramento) that arrives in Redding several times throughout the day. 

Other travel methods

Pick-up from Redding/Weaverville

Rigdzin Ling offers a pick-up service from anywhere in Redding, CA directly to our center. The fee is $50 from Redding and $10 from Weaverville and must be paid directly to your driver in cash. Please reserve a pick-up in advance


Please visit our google group to offer a ride or request a ride to or from Rigdzin Ling. 

Rent a Car

It is very easy, and often the cheapest method, to rent a car from any airport in California, and drop it off a rental car company in Redding. Here is a list of rental car companies in Redding: Budget, Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz. 

Redding First Class Shuttle

Redding First Class Shuttle offers shuttle service to and from the Sacramento airport to Redding ($70 each way).

Winter WeatherAs we live in the mountains, we encourage you to visit the CalTrans website for updates on road conditions along highway 299 and other mountainous highways you must travel.


For questions or further inquiry, please contact us at: 

Phone: 530.623.2714
Email: sangha@chagdudgonpa.org