Fire Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery in general, which includes:

  • Forest and structure debris removal
  • Preventing landslip on steep slopes from the burn scars left after the fire
  • Fuels reduction to thin out trees and vegetation susceptible to becoming fuel for future wildfires which may pose a threat to visitors and structures
  • Restoring wild land habitat threatened by drought through selective clearing, replanting and other regenerative practices
  • Renewing infrastructure anticipating droughts, a hotter climate, poor air quality and a need for ongoing emergency planning
  • Water supply rebuilding, including:
    • drought and fire resistant pipes, filtration, increased storage capacity, and valve shed

Preparing Rigdzin Ling for the Pandemic Age 

Meanwhile, we’re preparing for a gradual resumption of hybrid virtual and in-person retreats at Rigdzin Ling during 2022 by:

  • Studying present facilities for health and safety to improve indoor air quality
  • Expanding our outdoor event facilities in order to accommodate visitors in tents, patios and camping
  • Reviewing kitchen and dining facilities to upgrade and enlarge our capacity with improved ventilation and outdoor service

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