September 13th – 16th

September 13th 7:00pm – A Public Dharma Talk

Relationships and the Spiritual Path

How do we integrate our close relationships with a spiritual path? In our intimacy with others there can be many opportunities for reflection, for true selflessness, and for the maturing of genuine spiritual qualities. One’s ability to love and care for all living beings can begin at home.

September 14th – 16th

The Wish-fulfilling Essence:
Complete Teachings of the Extensive Red Tara Sadhana and Mandala Offering Practice

Lama Tsering has had many years of training in Red Tara cycles from Chagdud Rinpoche, who is renowned for his miraculous activities as a Tara practitioner. She has fully accomplished the practice through extensive retreat and teaches it with the clarity of direct experience. During this retreat she will be giving detailed instructions on the long Red Tara practice, “The Wishfulfilling Essence“.

“Red Tara practice is an open door to bliss and ultimate awareness. Just as you use a mirror to see your face, Tara meditation is a means for seeing the true face of your mind, devoid of any trace of delusion. Tara took the Bodhisattva vow to work for the welfare of sentient beings. By choice she always took birth in a female form. As she followed the Bodhisattva path to ultimate buddhahood, she liberated innumerable sentient beings from samsaric confusion. For this reason, she is known as the Noble Mother, Swift Savioress, the Mother of all Victorious Ones. Her benefit is just as swift and direct now as it always has been. Through prayers and meditation, it is possible to dissolve the concepts of dualistic mind. As you are freed from dualistic delusion, you achieve a state of open awareness. As you attain the recognition of your original, pure Buddha nature, your own compassion becomes unobstructed. What greater miracle is there than this?”  
-Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

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