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Ngöndro Retreat
  June 6 – 10, 2018

Vajrayana methods of meditation place great emphasis on the foundations – in Tibetan, ngöndro. These mind trainings provide the sound orientation, purification, resources and blessings necessary for genuine practice to emerge. As we progress through them, we become suitable vessels for receiving and integrating the profound Vajrayana teachings of the Great Perfection.

Teachings will begin late afternoon June 6th and conclude mid-afternoon June 10th. White Vajrasattva empowerment will be bestowed by Lama Padma Gyatso on the last day.

AccommodationCGF Member PriceNon-CGF Member Price
Outdoor Camping$171.70$202.00
Indoor Camping$207.40$244.00
Double Room$314.50$370.00
Single Room$421.60$496.00
Deposit Only$122.00$122.00


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