Kilaya Retreat
January 30th – February 4th

(3 days of Padmakilaya followed by 3 days of Vajrakilaya)

February 5th is Losar morning and there will be a reading transmission of the Wisdom Chapter in The Way of the Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva vows.

Winter Solstice Celebration
Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 | 1 – 4pm

Saga Dawa Purification Practice: Eight Sets of Nyung-Nays
June 1st – 18th
Arrival date: June 1st | 1st set: June 2-3 | 2nd set: June 4-5 | 3rd set: June 6-7 | 4th set: June 8-9 | 5th set: June 10-11 | 6th set: June 12-13 | 7th set: June 14-15 | 8th set: June 16-17 | End date: June 18th

The fourth month of the Tibetan lunar calendar, Saga Dawa, is perhaps the most powerful month of the entire year. It commemorates three significant events that forever changed our world – the birth of Shakyamuni; his awakening to complete enlightenment; and his final teaching of impermanence, his parinirvana. During this month, the effects of our good and bad actions are amplified 10 million times, making it an ideal time to intensify our virtuous practice by gathering together with virtuous friends for dharma practice.

During Saga Dawa Lama Padma will lead a retreat of eight sets of Nyung-nay (fasting rituals) at Rigdzin Ling. It is stated in most Nyung-nay commentaries that Saga Dawa is a particularly auspicious time for Nyung-nay practice.

The practice of Nyung-nay – a fasting ritual – is a fast and powerful means to clear away obstacles to our physical and mental well-being. Nyung-nay brings the practitioner to the essence of the supreme secret of Avalokiteshvara, the compassionate expression of all Buddha. The practice itself involves using our bodies to offer prostrations, our speech to recite supplications, aspirations and mantras, and our minds to focus on bodhichitta. As such, there are numerous accounts, both from ancient times right up to the present day, of diseases, traumas, psychological blockages, and so forth being clear away through sincere Nyung-nay practice.

By taking the temporary eight precepts (avoiding killing, stealing, sex, lying, intoxication, eating after noon, using high seats or beds, dancing, singing, wearing perfume or jewelry, etc.), the causes for experiencing happiness in this and future lives and ultimately attaining enlightenment, will be created.