April 10th – 14th, 2019

Bodhichitta means the mind of enlightenment, furthermore it is the aspiration to liberate all beings from suffering through the realization of the nature of one’s own mind. During these six days of teachings and practice, Lama Padma will introduce us to the practice of Bodhichitta Mind Training–Lojong. Learning and applying these practical methods, which incudes the ‘sending and taking’ meditation, leads to the inevitable unfolding of our true compassionate nature. The source of these teachings is the Mind Training of the Indian master Atisha (982-1054) and Gyalsay T’hog Med Zangpo (1295-1364) of Tibet. These teachings are essential for those on the Mahayana path and will be sure to bring your practice to the next level.


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If you are unable to attend but would still like to participate,
we encourage you to offer butterlamps.

Dedications will be read during the event.

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