The Tibetan New Year (Losar) is a particularly auspicious time to hang new prayer flags and make aspiration prayers for the future. To commemorate the Year of the Iron Ox, we will raise an array of over two hundred new prayer flags along the eight great stupas at Rigdzin Ling.

These prayer flags will send powerful prayers and mantras throughout the universe, pacifying the outer upheavals and conflicts in the world and the inner mental and emotional disturbances that are their cause. 

This year you have the opportunity to link your own aspirations with that of all enlightened beings by sponsoring a prayer flag, which are in the five primary colors and imprinted with images of Buddhas, auspicious symbols, prayers and mantras.

If you sponsor a prayer flag before January 28, you can write a personal aspiration and dedication, up to 100 characters, that we will inscribe on the flag. This is an especially wonderful opportunity to sponsor one or more flags on behalf of a loved one or anyone you know in need of prayers.

As the wind blows across each flag, your prayers and aspirations are carried throughout space,
blessing everyone and everything they touch.

All prayer flag sponsorship ​funds will be used for present or ​future prayer flags at Rigdzin Ling.

To make an offering over the phone, contact Jeremy: 
530.623.2714 ext 1027

For questions regarding this project, contact Abby:
530.623.2714 ext 1029

Auspicious Verses for the Iron-Ox Year

Hey! These great white, red, blue, yellow and green flags expressing all-pervasive enlightened activity send forth on the wings of the wind vast auspicious and sweet-sounding clouds of good fortune, far and wide.

By raising these banners that carry great blessings, may all our virtuous aspirations be spontaneously accomplished.

Through the blessing and power of the infallible Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and the universal protectors Tara and Avalokita—embodiments of the wisdom and compassion that give rise to all perfect qualities—

May the longevity, merit, and prosperity of all beings increase like the waxing moon or a swelling river in springtime;

May our own good fortune, energy and stamina be restored when weakened, repaired when shattered and enriched when depleted;

May whatever we do turn out well, so that the outer environment and the minds of all beings be pervaded with peace and happiness.