Dear Sangha and friends of Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling,

I just finished a five-day visit to assess the situation at Rigdzin Ling in-person. The day before I arrived, a new water line from the creek was installed which brought water to Creek House through the existing filtration system and a newly installed pressure tank. Creek House now has pure and consistent water!

A local crew has been clearing fallen trees and landslide rubble blocking the path to the upper reaches of the creek where the source of the main water line is located. Presently, since there are just four staff members carrying out the basic functions of daily pujas, shipping Tibetan Treasures’ sales, maintenance, fire aftermath and feeding themselves, our immediate goal is to get water to the rest of the buildings so that the evacuated staff can return to a safe and hygienic place.

On closer examination, ten cabins burned to the ground: Five on the mountain bluff and five that were tucked in and around our main campus. In both areas, the fire denuded the forest floor and scorched or burned down so many trees. From another perspective, it looks like a tired palette ready to be refreshed.

So, now what? At this month’s Board of Directors meeting a committee was created whose task is to draw up a long-term restoration plan for all areas of Rigdzin Ling. Initially, we will be relying on the assessments and recommendations of experts in the various fields of knowledge related to our situation. As well, this plan will be informed by (1) the reality of continuing hotter and drier weather in Northern California and (2) anticipating how the land needs to look in 25-100 years in order to thrive in the face of such climate impermanence. It will also include a budget and how to meet that through grants and fund raising. As always, in accord with Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche’s intention, the goal of his Rigdzin Ling center is to offer a sustainable and inspiring refuge for the study, contemplation and meditation of the sacred Dharma that transcends all concepts of time and space. If you wish to financially support this vision, click on the donate button.

– Lama Padma

341 Red Hill Road, Junction City, CA  96048