Kilaya rituals are traditionally practiced during the final lunar month of the Tibetan calendar to dispel obstacles before the new year begins (Losar). From January 30th to February 4th, Rigdzin Ling will practice three days of Padgyal Lingpa’s terma of Padmakilaya, followed by three days of HH Dudjom Rinpoche’s terma of Vajrakilaya, The Razor that Destroys at a Touch.

Losar Celebration February 10, 2019 | 1 – 4pm   Please join us at Chagdud Gonpa for a celebration of Losar, the Tibetan Lunar New Year.  We will raise new flags and recite prayers of aspiration to invite blessings and auspiciousness into the new year. We will begin with a teaching by Lama Padma Gyatso, […]

Sat 16th – Sun 17th February 2019. For the first retreat of the Tibetan New Year, Jigme Rinpoche will be leading a nyungne practice weekend to which all are welcome.

The PPI-Ati Ling sangha are honored and delighted that Jigme Tromge Rinpoche will be offering empowerment and teachings on this particular Manjushri sadhana, Sat 9th – Sun 10th March 2019, which although short is extremely profound, and which carries tremendous blessings.

Ngondro Part 2: Training in Bodhicitta with Lama Padma Gyatso. April 10th – 14th

During Saga Dawa (June 1 – 18, 2019) Lama Padma will lead a retreat of eight sets of Nyung-nay (fasting rituals) at Rigdzin Ling. It is stated in most Nyung-nay commentaries that Saga Dawa is a particularly auspicious time for Nyung-nay practice.

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