Lama Trinley DrolmaLama Trinley Drolma (Maile Wall) was H. E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche’s devoted student for almost twenty years. A very dedicated practitioner, she received Dzogchen transmissions from Rinpoche many times and never wavered from his guidance, even it manifested in challenging directions. Like her husband, Lama Padma Dorje, she is a powerful practitioner of the sacred lama dances, and has trained many of the current dancers. In 1996, Rinpoche ordained her as a lama. Lama Trinley is a very skillful writer and for a number of years was the editor of Chagdud Gonpa’s Windhorse newsletter. In recent years she has served as a resident lama of Dechhen Ling, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and has participated in children’s camps at Rigdzin Ling with her two sons, Sam and Ian.