Your purchases can support the Dharma!

Chagdud Gonpa is always looking for ways to foster the sangha’s interdependence as a single mandala and the accumulation of merit.  Since online commerce is so prevalent now, including the significant use of Amazon, we thought this provided the perfect opportunity to accomplish both.

Amazon provides a means for charitable giving through their Amazon Smile program.  Just visit and chose Chagdud Gonpa Foundation as your charity of choice. After that, .5% of whatever you buy goes directly to Chagdud Gonpa Foundation!

We rejoice in living in a time where we can easily provide this opportunity to deepen our sangha connections.  This is also a moment to share with our friends and family, to provide them with a way to connect with the Dharma, thus creating opportunities for them to accumulate merit (without even knowing it!).

Now available – Recurring Donations!

We have listened to you and we have gotten with the program. CGF is now able to accept recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis. 

Want to make an offering to tsog every month but sometimes you forget? Sign-up for a monthly offering and you will receive a confirmation each time your card is charged. 

You can help the Dharma by making an ongoing offering to any of our funds. From supporting our Lamas, giving to the Tulku Training Fund, to donating to the restoration of our 8 stupas  – there are many ways to offer. And now, it is easier than ever!