Upon arrival, it is required that you read the following information and then sign your name to the release form.

Rigdzin Ling has been created to benefit your spiritual development. Our aspiration is that your stay at Rigdzin Ling will be a cause of temporary and ultimate happiness for yourself and those with whom you have a connection. Please let us know at any time if we can assist you during your stay. As part of the registration process, it is required that you read the following information and then sign your name on the release form.


About us

Rigdzin Ling was established as a center for the study and practice of Vajrayana Buddhism in 1988 by His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. Most of the work here is done by volunteer staff which includes the ongoing development of a retreat center, the administration of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation’s many centers, and the translation, publication and distribution of Buddhist texts and books. Our work is supported by membership pledges, donations and the sale of books and dharma items from our store, Tibetan Treasures.

To help fulfill Chagdud Rinpoche’s aspirations for Rigdzin Ling, we ask that all guests and residents observe the following guidelines:


Much of the land is still undeveloped. Some crevasses, sheer cliffs and tailing piles (large mounds of rock) remain from the extensive gold mining of the last century. Please be cautious while walking around the land.

Various species of wild animals are seen here regularly including mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes, scorpions, ticks that carry Lyme disease and brown recluse spiders. Poison oak is rampant so please make sure you can identify this plant.

There are many water hazards on or near the Gonpa land.  The Trinity River and a creek behind Creek House sometimes carry strong currents. It is forbidden for guests to enter both the Guru Rinpoche statue pond and the scenic ponds in front of Tara House unless they have obtained prior written authorization from the resident lama and have signed a waiver of liability.

Please be mindful during your stay at Rigdzin Ling, taking necessary precautions to avert accidents or mishaps. We ask that you take responsibility for your safety and well-being.

Health Care

In the event of illness or injury, the nearest health care facilities are eight miles away in Weaverville, and comprehensive facilities are sixty miles away in Redding. We do not have our own medical facilities or personnel.

Sometimes visitors with medical or alternative health care training may offer help or advice. If you choose to accept their help, please understand that they are acting entirely on their own initiative and not on behalf, or under the direction, of Chagdud Gonpa.


We ask that parents who bring their children to Rigdzin Ling take full responsibility for their welfare. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children are welcome in the shrine room as long as they are relatively quiet and under parent supervision.


Children are not allowed in the following areas: construction sites, the kitchen, rock piles or ravines. Children should never be near any body of water without parental supervision.

Sexual Harassment Policy Information for Guests

It is the policy of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation that harmful and/or illegal activities will not be tolerated. If you become aware of any such activities or any conduct that makes you uncomfortable, regardless of the rank or authority of the person(s) involved, please take you concerns to the Lama-in-residence, the general administrator, a member of the Board or a staff member. If any conduct or activity makes you uncomfortable, remember you, as an individual, have the right to ask questions and to say “no.” Beyond this, you must take personal responsibility for the consequences of consensual sexual conduct.

Please know..

  • Smoking of any kind and illegal drugs are forbidden on the land. We ask that visitors be mindful in their use of alcohol.
  • Guests may not bring pets. If you have a pet you need to board, call: (530) 623-0060 for a reservation at the Weaverville Pet Motel. Let them know you are staying with us for a 10% discount!
  • We ask that you walk only on the trails or roads and refrain from wandering up the hill behind Tara House and Tibetan Treasures due to private retreatants. Private houses are also restricted.
  • Be mindful of potential fire hazards. Burning incense and candles is strictly prohibited. In case of a fire, earthquake or other emergency situations, all staff and visitors will meet at the pond in front of Tara House.
  • We adhere by a strict 10mph speed limit as dust from vehicles can cause health problems for our participants and staff.
  • Please be conscious about conserving energy, such as turning out lights when you leave a room.
  • Quiet Hours- 10pm-6am. Please be mindful and considerate of others.
  • Puja (daily meditation practice) during non-event times: 6:30am on weekdays, 8:00am on weekends, and 5:30pm, 7 days a week.
  • If you need to make a personal phone call, please ask someone in the office to assist you.
  • We try to recycle most things. Before throwing something in the garbage, ask the kitchen staff to show you our recycling setup.