Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche was the personification of enlightened courage. During the brief, fleeting time that he was with us, he transformed the American landscape in deep and expansive ways. It was through the power of his open-hearted kindness and insightful understanding that he made a meaningful and long-lasting impact on countless people.

Rinpoche established Chagdud Gonpa Foundation with its supporting membership to ensure the continuance of his legacy here in North America. Embraced by the Foundation, Rinpoche’s spiritual tradition, including the sacred landmarks he erected, continue to flourish. All this is through the power of Rinpoche’s blessings and the kindness, generosity and support of the lamas and members of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation.

Inspired by their own experience as members of Chagdud Gonpa, several sangha people produced a beautiful video to launch a membership drive. You will find it meaningful to hear Chagdud Khadro and others talk about Chagdud Gonpa Foundation membership and how you can be part of fulfilling Chagdud Rinpoche’s enlightened intention by becoming a supporting member.

– Lama Padma Yontan Gyatso

Membership Levels

Patron: $1,200/year or $100/month
Benefactor: $600/year or $50/month
Family: $420/year or $35/month
Individual: $300/year or $25/month
Friend/Student/Senior: $180/year or $15/month

Your membership dues are 100% tax-deductible.

Chagdud Gonpa Membership Centers

Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling
Resident Lama – Lama Padma Gyatso
Contact: Abby Rogers
Phone: 530.623.2714 ext 1029

Chagdud Gonpa Ati Ling
Resident Lama – Tromge Jigme Rinpoche
Contact: Woody Crain
Phone: 707.632.5629

Chagdud Gonpa Amrita
Resident Lama – Lama Padma Gyatso
Contact: Odile Madesclaire
Phone: 206.422.2399

Chagdud Gonpa Dechen Ling
Resident Lama – Lama Padma Dorje
Contact: Sharon Kness
Phone: 541.942.5258

Chagdud Gonpa Padma Ling
Resident Lama – Lama Inge (Lama Yeshe Zangmo)
Contact: Ryan Kee
Phone: 508.301.4329

Chagdud Gonpa Minjur Ling
Contact: Leslie Crabtree
Phone: 541.482.9865

Chagdud Gonpa Rigdrol Dechen Ling/Vajra North – Canada
Contact: Cheryl Buchan
Phone: 867.667.6951

Membership Supports:

• Development and maintenance of all Chagdud Gonpa facilities and retreat centers
• Publishing of sacred texts and practice materials
• Restoration and maintenance of sacred images and structures
• Dharma projects and events
• Development and maintenance of the CGF website and member communication
• Local practice groups with ongoing teaching tours of CGF lamas, weekly sangha practices, and special events in your local community
• Making streaming available to the greater sangha

Member Benefits:

• 15% discount on all Chagdud Gonpa center events
• 10% discount on items purchased at the Tibetan Treasures store
• Annual CGF practice calendar
• A CGF commemorative pin
• Access to the Windhorse Archive

For questions or to become a member of Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling:

Abby Rogers
Membership Secretary for CGF
530.623.2714 ext 1029