Tashi Delek and Happy New Year,

We are reaching out to you because of your connection to the previous Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche and our shared good fortune that he continues to manifest lifetime after lifetime. It is nothing less than a miracle that Rinpoche has once again, during our lifetime, taken birth in order to benefit beings. Through the strength of his unwavering compassion and sublime knowledge, he has returned to us.

As a young boy, Chagdud Yangsi Rinpoche was privately tutored in reading, writing and the fundamentals of Buddhism, as well as learning to read, write and speak English. Now that he has reached his mid-teens, he has begun his formal Dharma training at a very highly respected shedra, a monastic study institute. This month we just learned that at the completion of his first year he received the award for finishing first in his class! His plan is to continue for a few more years at the shedra and then visit his Centers in North and South America before returning to complete his studies and meditation training.

We, who have been blessed by Rinpoche’s lineage, are at an important juncture with far reaching possibilities. The cost for this extensive and precious education, which ensures that this lineage continues, is now our responsibility, both for our present Chagdud Yangsi as well as his future incarnations.

Currently, the fees for the Yangsi’s training and cost of living are between $15,000-$20,000/year. Your direct contribution to the Chagdud Gonpa Tulku Training Fund, which was established to support the Chagdud incarnations, will provide a direct karmic link with Chagdud Rinpoche and his activities. We want everyone in the Chagdud Gonpa mandala to have this personal connection to the Yangsi. Through the power of the truth of interdependence, this will bring great benefit for you, for the next generation of Dharma practitioners, and for all mother-like sentient beings.

We know it will not be too long before the Yangsi will be here in the West, connecting with old and new Dharma students and sharing his wisdom with us.

Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to the Tulku Training Fund.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Lama Padma Gyatso
Chagdud Gonpa Foundation